Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Which Social Media Platform Is Better And Why?

Social media interaction

Social media interaction is a method in which, people interact with one another and exchange useful information over the internet. This exchange of information is possible when one individual creates an account over the social media website. The types of social media websites, which are currently popular, include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Orkut
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

While moving towards the concept that which social media platform is the best among the other available options, you require considering several parameters. One parameter can be the social interaction for sure. It will include that how much you can interact using one particular social media platform and how much diversity it provides while experiencing your social circle contacts. To discuss any two of above mentioned, LinkedIn suits the best for business and career planning whereas Facebook is usually preferred for interaction usage. Based on recent surveys, it is concluded that Facebook is the best social media platform and the reasons of its popularity are mentioned below:

  • Business and Marketing Scenario

From business point of view, Facebook provides great flexibility. While surfing this social media site, you may have observed Google ads and the sponsor ads there. They are actually the source of network marketing for Google as well as for other business entities. Apart from this, the interface of Facebook allows people to establish their businesses in order to portray their brand portfolios without spending huge amount of money on it. Without any doubt, it is an ideal approach for the new business entrants and the sole proprietors, who have to operate within their limited budget.

The interface of Facebook comprises of groups and pages. People make the pages of their organization free of cost and can put a lot of information on it along with some effective multimedia presentation to aid their concept. The best feature of Facebook is that it provides all these things for free. Therefore, on the larger medium, this social media site is an ideal source of business for the

  • Personal interaction

As far as the social interaction is concerned, Facebook still lies in the upper quadrant of public interest. In Twitter, initiating debate is not an easy, as it mostly deals with short status messages. In blogs, the discussions turn into a complete documented version, which usually take away the attraction whereas in Orkut, the discussion forums are very complex.

However, when we talk about Facebook, it provides a smooth reach to entertainment and the discussions as well. You will find discussions at nearly each and every post of the groups and pages. Apart from this, you will find notes by the administrators of these groups and pages. The best thing about using Facebook is that it is very easy to tag people in and to share videos and pictures on Facebook.

On Facebook, you can access variety of the apps, games, and other unique feeds, which make your journey, look quite soothing. This is the basic reason, which is why people usually rank this social media site above the others, which have variety of games, feeds, and applications available.

In nutshell, social media sites are playing a vital role nowadays and users feel more comfortable while using Facebook. However, here you need to understand that your usage and preference is entirely dependent on the interface that suits you. Keep in mind that there are many social media sites, which offer distinct features and all these features have their own significance. The only need is to find out the right social media site that is capable of fulfilling your goals. The best part is that using the combination of few social media sites can also be your option in order to achieve desired results.