Sat. May 21st, 2022

Which iPad 3 To Buy This Year? [Our Thoughts]

After Apple announced that the new iPad – not iPad 3 or HD –  will hit shelves at 8 AM on Friday, March 16th , everyone is excited to be there to grab his new Apple gadget form a local Apple Store  instead of ordering it online and waiting about 2 weeks for its arrival , and I know pretty much well that You are  one of these enthusiastic buyers ! , and I know too what question is floating in your mind right now , other than what gifts to buy for your mother on Mother’s day , which is Which iPad Model To Buy ?

With plenty of models and one choice one will be lost and that’s why am right this . That question doesn’t have one simple answer , cause it depends on your needs , uses and what gadgets you own right now . To make it easier ill classify it into 3 categories : WiFi or 4G , Storage and Color.

Let’s begin with WiFi or 4G , for sure your getting the iPad because you want to surf the web , listen to music , watch movies and play games without having to turn on your laptop every now and then . Most of these media-consumption activities are available offline, through apps and after syncing with your iTunes library except surfing the web , and from here our journey will begin to choose between WiFi or 4G . If you’ll use your iPad most probably at home I think WiFi is sufficient for you , and if your so outgoing and you always find yourself in another country and you like to use you iPad on the go , then  4G is the way to go . Moreover if you already have an iPhone you can still buy the wifi model and share you connection with your iPad through the built in Hot Spot feature , and you must take into consideration too that the 4G model will cost $130 more than the WiFi . So as a conclusion if your a mobile person and you have the budget to buy the 4G model go for it and if you’ll use your iPad most probably at home then go for WiFi.

Next up storage , everyone is asking himself 16 , 32 or 64 GB , the answer is in your pocket , and don’t look for it now , because it simply depends on why and where you’re using you iPad ? If you are buying your iPad as a Laptop replacement then you must go with 32 or 64 GB , and if your iTunes is more than 10 GB or your planning to download lots of application then you must go with 64 GB  On the other hand if you will use your iPad lightly  and you don’t have that huge iTunes Library and you see that 16 GB is enough for you , then go with it . And if you find yourself in between excessive use and light use go with the 32 model .This choice is directly related to which model you selected 4G or WiFi , cause you take advantage of some cloud based services like iCloud and DropBox so if your going with 4G I think 32 GB is the way to go .

Finally Color , between Black and White , I think it depends on your own taste in colors , I own a white iPad right now and I can admit that its amazing and it has no color leaks or so , but some say it makes your screen looks brighter and they say that’s why most TV’s have a black frame so they will give more sharpness . Now with the new breath-taking Retina Display , the new iPad will look gorgeous with both black and white .

As a conclusion , the answer on what iPad to choose is related to where and why you use your iPad , it all depends on your life style and your budget , and what matters is to enjoy your amazing new iPad .