Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Where To Buy The New iPad 3 This Friday? – Launch Day [Complete Guide]

People are already out of their minds with the strong feelings for the next-generation iPad, and if you are one of those who have planned to purchase a new generation iPad this Friday on the official launch of the device in the world. Then here we have a couple of topics to share with you that will help you in achieving your new iPad easily, at least a way better than those who going to come back without any device on their hands. So, if you have finally decided to get the newer device on the launch day, first you have to make up your mind about the different colors and capacity size of the new iPad.


The new iPad is also going to be hit the market with both White and Black color, and reportedly will come in the older variation of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory spaces, so you have to be quickly made up your mind about the new device. Well, if you have finally done with the selection phase, now you have to be a bit active this morning, in order to achieve your goal, as the device is very popular, and will also be available in the limited number of stock. You have to do everything with good strategy on the launch day, and therefore, we are here with a detailed guide for you, which could help you in getting the new iPad. There are couples of option and places from where you can buy the new iPad, let’s take a start with the first option:

Buy Directly From Apple: A Big Messy Line In Apple Retail Store

One of the first and most tragedy options of getting new iOS device on the launch day. Apple is already announced on its website that the Apple’s Retail Store is about to be opening at 8 AM on Friday morning with the exclusive stock of the new iPad, along with a large number of device stock. But, as we are well known from the Apple Retail Store stories, there would be a long line out of the Apple Store, and if you are going to take part in the line then you have to leave all the other things, as people out, there are expected to be going crazy in the line. Maybe you might have to fight with iOS devices fans, in order to get yourself inside the Apple Store to get a new iPad. – so the Apple Retail Store option comes up with its own challenging tasks, and many users avoid being a part of such activities.

Where To Buy The New iPad?

Well, Apple has already provided an online option to the new device lovers, and offers a page to pre-order the device, but it appears that the pre-order shipping dates are already slipped from the launch date to 2-3 weeks, even before the launch of the device. So, if you are not in hurry, this option will be best for you, but if you really think that you want to do some adventure, then join the other people outside the Apple Retail Stores, however, you will find out some crazy geeks outside the Apple Stores, who are camping out from the couple of days for the new-generation iPad. Well, it appears that this idea is not going to work out for you, because both options come with their own challenges.

Getting LTE iPad 3 Models From Verizon and AT&T:

Besides everything, if you are the person who is purchasing the new device to enjoy the new network support and planned to get a device with 4G LTE network from the carriers, then you will be happy to hear that both Verizon and AT&T had announced in the public that they are going to sell the new iPad on their stores, and as well as on the official online web-stores with the possible availability of the device by this Friday. The LTE iPad model is appeared to be available on both major carriers, with GSM and CDMA capabilities while there is some hidden type of limitations on these devices.

AT&T has been announced recently on its website that is going to offer the new iPad with 4G LTE network by the launch day, and already takes a couple of pre-orders from the users with 4G LTE network data plans, but there is a little bug in their offer, if you are planning to get a new iPad from the AT&T, then the carrier is surely going to press you for the purchase of their data plan with the device. It means it requires you to set up a data plan for the device from the carrier; however, there is an option available that allows you to dismiss the data plan, maybe after the month usage.
Verizon is also announced the same claim on its website for the new-generation iPad, but it is appeared that Verizon has planned a good marketing, and announced that they were not requiring you to subscribe to their 4G LTE data plan along with the new iPad purchase.

So after reading this, if you are planning to visit the carrier store, you must have to note-down our recommendation: the stock over the carrier’s store is apparently very lesser than the other retail stores, especially very less than Apple’s own retail stores, so you can try your luck, because very fewer amounts of users going to visit the carrier stores.



Third Party Retailers / Providers – Useless For The Time Being, But Worthy Later

If you have failed to make up your purchase of the new-generation iPad with the official providers, and now looking forward to try your luck with some other monsters of the industry who claims to be have been new iPads on their hands, then there is a long of list of retailers who actually going to offer the new-generation iPad on the official launch of the next-generation iPad. Apple has announced today that Best Buy, RadioShack, Target, Sam’s Club, and Walmart going to offer the new-generation iPad in the country as official retailers of the iOS devices. Getting a new device from these retailers is less buggy than official methods, because most of the users are going to focus on the Apple’s Retail Stores, and ignores the offers of other third party retailers who offer the same product. Purchasing an iPad from these stores, is like entering in the store, and picking up the thing!

You can easily get the new iPad models from these stores, but actually at the moment there are no words from these retailers on the official availability of the new iPad on their stores; however, from the side reports we come to know that exclusive new iPad stock is just started landing on these retailer’s inventory, so we can expect that they will soon hit the web and industry with their own offers, and pre-orders for the device. Our advice is to must check these retailers, and if they are offering the device on pre-orders, get yourself registered on their system because as we have mentioned above the official Apple’s Online pre-order shipment dates are already slipped, so you have one perfect chance to get your device earlier than those who pre-ordered the device through Apple.

Online Retailers: Away From The Market, At Least At The Moment

If you think, you are a bit genius, and can easily get your hands the latest device through online retailers, then let us to clear you that you are a big fool. Because, at least, for the moment, there are no words from any of the official online retailers of the new iPad devices, like Amazon, MacMall, Mac Connection, etc., as they have not yet announced a single word in the media on the availability of the device on their stores, so if you are planning to go with them, then think twice before losing your lucky chance!

No matter what option you choose to get the latest generation device in your hands, in our mind the best option of getting the exclusive device is the option of pre-ordering the device on the announcement day, as many users have done recently, and also got confirmation emails from the Apple that their device is arrived in the local FedEx franchise, and will be delivered to their doors on the launch day.