Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

WhatsApp Messenger For iPhone / iPad Removed From App Store By Apple

We have just been receiving reports from the readers whom their beloved WhatsApp application for iOS devices is not more available in the App Store from Apple Store. The application is appeared to be removed from the App Store from the unknown reasons, as both WhatsApp and Apple Store team have yet to make it clear that why they have removed the application from the App Store.

We have personally hit up our devices to look up for the application on App Store, but in return found out that Online Apple Store team has kicked out the WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone/ iPod Touch / iPad from the Store. Currently, there is no method to get the app on your iPhone, or any iOS devices due to unavailability of the app on App Store platform.

We don’t know the causes of such app removal from the App Store, but we are sure something big is going at the company’s end. Maybe they have violated any rule of App Store or failed to deliver such service on iOS devices at the random test duration. According to the folks over Italian blog, they have contacted the WhatsApp team over email conversation and requested the clarification over the unexpected removal of application from the App Store, but in reply, they found out that company is not in a position to comment on the situation.

After a couple of hours, we come across to the Official WhatsApp Inc twitter account, where they have announced that their team has submitted an upgraded version of the application, and the newer version is currently under the awaiting approval from App Store team.

On the other side of the story, a reader at iSpazio contacted with Apple Care team and got replied from the manager, which suggests us that WhatsApp application for iOS devices has been removed from the App Store due to “many reasons.” We are still not able to get such information to update you, on this but we will keep you updated once we get any information regarding the issue.


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