Fri. May 27th, 2022

WhatsApp Messenger Arrives Back In AppStore With Major Improvements

Few days back we came across new news that the most downloaded and one of the top paid Apps in the App Store got pulled of from the App Store without any reason. When the App got pulled from the App Store, we heard so many new speculations that the company might have pulled off the App due to some sort of violation done by the company regarding the Apple policies of iTunes or so.

Every one did a check for the App on iTunes and they couldn’t find the App. Later on, we also came across many links which were told be providing the App for the Jailbroken iDevices. Those who did a purchase of the App must be in a great shock that why he App got pulled because the App was going great and it was on for a long time.

Any ways, some one told that the App got pulled because they were coming up with a new and a better version with some major changes. So today they released the App with major changes and whole new look for the chat section.

With this new update, now you can change the old boring chat backgrounds with some new cool wallpapers. The keyboard for Chinese and Japanese language has been also fixed.

Finally the App is now back in the App Store and available for download. Those of you have purchased the WhatsApp from before can simply navigate to the App Store and UPDATE the App to get the new version of it.Do let us know if you like the new version of it.

Thanks to Anass Najah for the quick heads up.