Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

What Should We Expect From Apple Inc. To Reveal In 2012 ?

With another new year in our life, its time to know what’s going on under the hoods of tech giants we are following. As we are covering Apple, and other tech giants on our blog, we also would like to deliver you the inside report of the main giant we are catching and thats Apple.

So it’s time to give you an exclusive look at the reports which we have been looking at for a couple of weeks from different sources. We have been continuously reported by sources that different kinds of products are currently under the axe of Apple and getting their final look to see the daylight in 2012. There have been reports that the tech giant has come up with new technological innovations keeping in mind the needs of the common man. The firm seems to have used something like the Conjointly image heatmap tool to determine where people are clicking, lingering, and scrolling on their website and what people are preferring among their numerous products. Perhaps, they have used this data to their advantage to create new products that would be easy to sell to the clients.

WWDC 2012

Honestly, Apple is already being highlighted by media due to no new design updates of Apple TV and other products of there, but all the things come in the way to confuse the actual readers and fan of Apple gadgets. However, now we are here to let you know which devices are actually rumored to come in the year 2012 or we will hear about them in this year by Apple niche blogs and research firms. Actually in Apple related rumor mill, we mostly rely on the research firms analyst who always screw the whole rumor mill and introduce a new product or gives a new twist in the story. Well, here we are not talking about those sketchy rumor analysts, we are here to clear you which things might be coming or will be introduced by Apple in WWDC’ 2012.


In the last few months, we learnt that Apple is highly rumored to launch the iPad 3, Apple TV (iTV), and iPhone 5 obviously.. Along with all these Apple is pointed to deliver some new innovations in the market. In all these above mentioned products, we have seen Apple TV (iTV) on top, as many big sources are currently betting their reputation on the rumors and then the next generation iPad, which is said to be coming in two flavors, the low-end and the higher end with Retina Display, A6 processor and double battery.


Here are the most targeted devices, which are said to be coming/introducing in 2012 by Apple


Apple TV (iTV):

Apple HDTV

It’s not the first time that we heard about it, in past several times it has been hinted that Apple is working on the HDTV, which is to revolutionize the cable market totally and to screw down the business of cable providers in the market. Apple is rumored to deliver Apple HDTV with iCloud, Siri, AirPlay and Photostream like features by default. Initially Apple is said to be delivering two flavors of HDTV in market one with a 32 inch and the other with a 37 inch display.


iPad 3:

iPad 3

Just like iPad 2, the next generation iPad is also rumored to have the Retina display, along with the successor of the A5 dual-core processor, A6 – a quad core processor by Apple. iPad 3 is also rumored to sport the double battery, and dual back LED to bring quality light on the screen. A source hinted that iPad 3 will be slightly thicker than iPad 2, as Apple is forced to use two LED’s and double battery in it. On the other hand, next generation iPad is also said to be coming in two flavors, the low-end and the higher-end. Apple is rumored to deliver iPad 3 before the WWDC’ 2012 on Steve Jobs birthday in Feburary.


iPhone 5:

Once again, here we are with the term iPhone 5 in the market. Finally this year, Apple will introduce its next generation iPhone with completely new revolutionary design and new features like Siri or something greater than Siri. Apple is rumored in past to deliver totally new looks of every product by Apple in 2012. So in this year, we will for sure see new stuffs in the market by Apple.


On Side Devices:

iPod Nano with turn-able display screen which will help users to fit it in anything like watch, and other stuff.


Mac OS X 10.8: We have already seen a number of visits from the next internal betas of OS X 10.8 on our and other friends server. So we can hold hearts to see anything related to it.

These all were the thoughts and thinking which we made up for the viewers to know, what should we expect from Apple in 2012 !