Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

What Is Apple’s AirDrop And How Its Work On OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion comes up with lot of new features and AirDrop is one of the newest feature, which OS X Lion carries with it self. AirDrop is a pretty useful and painless feature of OS X Lion that allow users to share their home or office Wi-Fi networks to share files among the other users running OS X Lion on their Macs, with this feature users only have to perform drag and drop to share the file with other users registered with their Apple ID and showing in the AirDrop window. AirDrop is the most simplest software to transfer the files on which you really don’t need to setup anything or configuration, even it works on the peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network module, means you not need to have proper Wi-Fi internet network, to use the AirDrop all you need to have a machine running OS X Lion and not older one which have really older Wi-Fi card, which does not allows users to use this feature, but Macs after 2009 appear to be working OK as of today.


So when the both Mac’s running on OS X Lion connected to each other using same Wi-Fi network, icon of second Mac wills start displaying in the window of AirDrop, and now users only have to drag & drop the file to the second Mac icon, on doing it, will prompt you to send this file or not and on other end while receiving file from other Mac it will show you a window which prompt you to only save, decline and Save and Open option. After the transfer of files, can be founded in the folder of Downloads, according to the AirDrop uses encrypted TLS and set up a firewall to stop the access of someone other outside from the network. After transferring all the files you can simply take down your Mac from the “Radar Screen” of AirDrop, to do it simply close the Finder window or click anywhere on your screen but out from the AirDrop Window. You can sign in with your Apple ID in System Preferences > Users & Groups and click Set for your Apple ID.