Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

What Happens When SIRI Gets Unfriendly (Horror)

After the launch of iPhone 4S with SIRI, the personal virtual assistant, we have came across many humor videos about it. SIRI is made by using artificial intelligent and it helps users of iPhone 4S in their daily life activities. They can make a call, add an appointment, reminder, can send SMS, and can do many more things with a lot of fun. SIRI is the main reason behind the sales of iPhone 4S. Every one owning an iDevice is willing to get SIRI on their iDevice. Specially people owning an iPhone 4 are willing to get SIRI on their Device to enjoy the fun.

In past, many ports have been made for SIRI to run on iPhone 4. Due to the status of porting and activating it via Apple server was illegal, So the ports were not made fully and the work was stopped in between. Some how, we came across one or two SIRI GUI Ports for the iPhone 4 users and iPhone 3GS users. They were only GUI port and nothing more. Later on in between some of the hackers made their own proxy servers to make SIRI work on iPhone 4. Some how that wasn’t a great success.

After sometime Apple released iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) for iPhone 4S users in which they made SIRI Port legal by making the SIRI files unencrypted. They not only made the files unencrypted in the r2 release of iOS 5.0.1 for iPhone 4S, they also fixed the signal problems for the iPhone 4S users.

Now Apple has made the SIRI port legal, We will some real SIRI port soon on iPhone 4 and below iDevices.

As every one is talking about SIRI on all over the web, we came across another video regarding SIRI, which is being shared by almost every one on the web these days. So we thought to share the video with all of you and with those who haven’t seen the video yet. The video is made by RoosterTeeth. RoasterTeeth is a website made by some students who were not good at studies. So they grouped together to do something new. They came up with some movie and later on they were joined by many others.

Few days back they released a video with the name of Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Trailer). The video is related to SIRI with the iPhone 4S. The video simply shows about SIRI in action. It is kind of humor horror video. They have shown the artificial intelligence gone wrong.


The best in the video is that when the guy asks for a knife and SIRI says that: There is an App for that.

The video is not made to harm any one or his/her feelings.