Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Weird Bug: Twitter For iOS App Misses Mention On Your iPhone

Twitter for iOS – No doubt that Twitter deep integration in iOS boosts the Twitter user’s base, as the iOS automatically asks million of users to join the Twitter party, and most of the iPhone users are already Twitter’s big monsters, loves to tweet every single thing of their life on Twitter. However, the last year deep integration of Twitter into iOS undoubtedly doubled the number of users on Twitter, and helped it to grow among the users to compete with other markets social network platforms. Millions of users might have joined the Twitter since they have contracted with Apple over the integration of their service into iOS.

It is also a clear vision that most of them is using the stock iOS Twitter application on their iOS devices to access over the Twitter service, while there are coupled of popular and more powerful applications is available in App Store to bring Twitter over your iPhone / iPad. It is reported that some users with default Twitter’s iOS application are facing some weird issues on their iOS devices, on which their iOS application failed to load the users own mentions, and replies from other users. In short, there is a kind of bug in Twitter iOS application that are preventing users from accessing their conversations and @ replies from Twitter buddies using the Twitter official iOS application.

The weird bug in Twitter iOS application prevents the application from loading the replies and mentions from Twitter web service, and stuck into the user’s access on Twitter. However, the issue seems to be appearing in the core of the application integration with an iOS system, as it can’t be fixed by refreshing, rebooting or force closing the application on the devices. The issue seems to be fix by pulling the application from your device, and then once again putting it back on the device. This trick will surely bring the old capabilities back to the Twitter for iOS application.

As noted by the users the issue is not appearing on other devices or applications that use the Twitter API to pull of the stream line data for you on the portable devices. It seems that something is wrong with the Twitter iOS application, which prevents the application from access the correct information.