Thu. Jan 21st, 2021

Websites Start (illegal) Pre-Registration For iOS 5, Just For $5 – [Report]

As we have said you before folks are keeping an eye on Apple’s every move among the WWDC 2011 and launch of next generation Operating System (Mac OS X Lion), next gen iOS system (iOS 5) and most floating service of cloud based streaming service. Apples has not yet confirmed that they are going to distribute iOS 5 earlier betas to the developers coming on Monday and such websites ( ) growing up with offers for the registration of iOS user UDID for just €5.50 per UDID.

This is not happening first time, at the releases of iOS 4.x earlier betas we have found such websites which offers same service like the mentioned website and the interesting thing is, it is not allowed under Apple’s developer terms. In fact, last year we have already seen some developers who kicked it out from developer’s term just for such behavior.


According to the report update by RazorianFly, there is another website with name of is also here to provide access to the iOS 5 betas for just $5, and 4$ in case if you tweet about them.