Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Watch MyGreatFest Live – First Jailbreak Convention @ 9 AM

As we have told you back in April that there would be the first jailbreak convention MyGreatFest soon, so the day has come! In the recent post, we have again remind you everything about the event and now in the next step we are going to support the first ever jailbreaking event through our blog. Over the twitter, we have found large number of people wishes to visit the event by their-self personally but due to time limit they can’t get enough time to visit the event and to meet with the jailbreak developers.

In the event, couple of well known Jailbreak community personalities will come and give their presentation regarding the iPhone jailbreak and tweak. Posixninja of Chronic Dev Team has also reached the venue of the event, and according to the promise Saurik the creator of Cydia and all other iOS Jailbreak developers will join the event. We have managed to bring the live steaming link from the MyGreatFest officials. The event is scheduled to happen in London at 9 A.M.

Watch MyGreatFest Live @ 9 A.M


Update 2: