Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Want To Watch Trailer Of Any App Before You Buy It ? AppTube Will Help You Out

Every one needs to view the App before they buy and they go for Installous. To get installous they needed to Jailbreak their iOS Device and Jailbreak mostly voids the warranty of your iDevice.

So after some time some team woke up and decided to make an App for iDevice users which could help them in reviewing the App they want. So they came up with an App called AppTube which is like a Video magazine for iDevices.

This App contains more than 100 of videos which are updated on daily basis. The review of new Apps is added when the new App is out fo iDevice. This App helps you to get an idea about the App which you want to buy. It’s main purpose is to acknowledge the user about every thing they need to know about the App before they can purchase that particular App.

Now you must be willing to get your hands on to this Free App which lets you do all the Stuff. You can download AppTube for free from iTunes.