Fri. May 27th, 2022

Want to buy an Apple iPad or MacBook? For $300 Each Or Both For $500? (Beware)

If you are here after seeing the attractive heading with a Beware sign, so you must be knowing that Apple is not going in loss or Apple products are not on Sale after Steve Jobs resigned. This is something which is happening in Grand Prairie, Texas where people are getting iPads and MAC Books on the same price as quoted above in the Parking Lot.

Monday August 29, 2011 11:51 am PDT by Jordan Golson

As you can see in the above picture that people are buying iPads and MAC Book in the parking lot from some unknown people at the amazing price and they are not aware that they are getting fake Apple Products. This time it is not the fake Apple Store but Fake Apple Products.

This scam was caught by Grand Prairie Police Station. They Reported that:

A car load of two or three males will pull up to someone at a convenience store or shopping center parking lot and it’s “Pssst, hey buddy. Want to buy an Apple iPad or MacBook?” They will tell the victim they are for sale for $300 each or both for $500. The Apple products are actually painted wood or loose leaf note books with the Apple logo on top and wrapped in bubble wrap. They are in a Fed Ex or Best Buy box and sealed up with tape. By the time the victim figures out the purchase wasn’t what they bargained for, the crooks are long gone. 

Grand Prairie has had over a dozen such crimes committed since January of this year. The suspects have been mostly black males. However one offense involved a black female as well. The vehicles used vary in most cases. There appears to be several groups of thieves and sometimes the suspects never even get out of the car. 

The public should be advised that it is unwise to purchase anything from the trunk of a car, no matter how good the deal seems.

The car is silver Chrysler 300 shown in the above picture which was used to scam people.

How To Stop This?

Anyone who has information about the suspects should call Grand Prairie Crime Stoppers at 972-988-8477 or the Grand Prairie “Tip Line” at 972-237-8877.