Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Want The Lyrics Of The Song You Hearing, PlayingLyrics Will Give You

TweakWeek continues and the tweak’s continue too. As we told you before that the TweakWeek is kicking out the new tweaks in Cydia by Andrea Oliva who said that one tweak will be kicked out every day and he is upto it because it’s the continues third day the tweak has released by him and now a tweak named PlayingLyrics. Last three tweaks of the TweakWeek were

  1. SBVolume
  2. LabelSlide
  3. RemovedSound
Below are some of the screenshots of PlayingLyrics
 This tweak listens to the song and give you out the lyric’s of the words which are singed.
You can get the tweak from the beta repository of Andrea Oliva