Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Walter Isaacson Splits Some Details On “Next Apple TV” With Siri

The Official Steve Jobs biography had already raised a number of rumors regarding the Apple’s upcoming devices, as the biography writer Walter Isaacson wrote on Jobs biography that he told him about the new upcoming revolutionary product from Apple in the field of Television. Apple has been already rumored thousands of time in being involved in researching and development of a new TV set with some revolutionary services on it. We come to know from the Steve Jobs Biography that they have “finally cracked” the script on how to develop a revolutionary television product for its devices lovers.

It is now reported that Walter Isaacson has recently claimed that Jobs had shared some deeper details with him on the upcoming revolutionary Television product, and sharing that information with public in media is directly unfair to those who have been working on the product from a long time. The Steve Jobs Biography writer has declined to comment about the upcoming device in media, while had been asked by media anchor during its interview for writing Steve Jobs biography.

Apple iTV HDTV With Siri

We are not aware from the deeper information that Jobs had shared with him, but came to know one that Isaacson is well known from the Apple’s secrecy about its upcoming devices. The revelation of knowing such deeper information about the product is shared during an interview with Brazilian television yesterday.

Apple has been rumored by many internal sources to be working on an Apple HDTV with the integration of newly introduced Siri, and the iCloud functionality, moreover it is rumored that Apple has been researching on a new technology that revolutionize its product for the market launch. Apple has been trying from years to enter in the television market, and it appears that in the upcoming two years they will surely release a product to beat all the television streaming companies. Apple is also rumored to be working on its own Television Streaming service, and planning to launch the service publicly by the end of this year.