Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Walmart To Start Offering New 3rd-Gen iPad At 12:01 AM

Just ahead of the new iPad launch in couple of hours, the first third-party retailer of the new iPad is finally enters in the market with an exclusive offer for the users who have missed out the chance to pre-order their device on the time. Yesterday, we have published our detailed guide on how to get the new iPad 3 on the launch day, with some strategic moves on the launch day. Many users have liked it, as we have pin pointed all the main issues. However, later this morning, Walmart has finally issued a statement on the internet that the device is finally in the market with the new iPad stock, and they will start selling the new iPad couple of hours before the official Apple’s retail stores.

Walmart has announced that they are going to offer the new iPad on their stores with a “limited supply”, and will begin offering the new iPad in stores at 12:01 AM local time at its 24-hour stores in the United States. Now, according to the Walmart statement, it is clearly noted that the third-part retailer is about start selling the new iPad eight-hours before the Apple’s own retail stores across the first nine countries. On the other hand, people are going crazy, and have start lining up in front of the Apple’s Retail Stores to get their hands on the device, while many of the users have joined the line to sell out their position in line for some extra money on the internet.


While, there are still no words from the other third-party retailers who are officially listed by Apple to be carrying the latest generation iPad stock by the launch day. It seems that this time Walmart going to overcome by other retailers sales with offering the new iPad exclusively eight hours before the official launch by Apple in the retail stores.


Quick Update:  Walmart has finally begun offering the new iPad on their stores by 12:01 AM – local time, as the users around the Walmart Stores finally able to get the new device on their hands, a bit quicker than those who are lining up in front of the Apple Retail Stores.