Fri. May 27th, 2022

Wall Street: Analyst Expects Apple To Become The World First $1 Trillion Company

Undoubtedly, Apple is achieving  new heights with its iOS devices in the market, and reaching new market caps in the real business market. These days, everyone is wishing to get its hands over the Apple’s market share, as they are blooming in the market daily reaching new heights, and soon to be trade at $1000 / per share.  If you have recently sold your Apple’s share in the market, then you have not made the wisest move in your life, as the share market is blooming every day to new heights. The company currently possesses the market cap of $577 billion, and according to analyst reports the company is soon going to make the $1 trillion market cap milestone.

However, the question is. When will Apple reach this milestone? According to one analyst, Apple is going to hit this mark within next two years, as Apple is capturing most of the market cap from its rival and making money from the market in tech stocks. With the incredible market cap growth, analyst believes that Apple is about to become a $1 trillion market cap company.  However, the history shows that Microsoft is still over the Apple as they have to achieve the market cap of $619 billion in 1999, and currently Apple is standing at $577 billion market cap.

The Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that Apple has two ways to achieve this mark in the real market, while following the on-going trick of sinking market cap from the rivals,  as the historical data reveals that Apple gains market cap, when the Research in Motion, Nokia, Sony, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft loses market capitalization, and if Apple continuously using the same trick then these rivals might have to lose around $400 billion more to Apple.

Apple is already announced in various conferences that they have various number of products scheduled to be coming out in the number of next months, and surely Apple will bloom its business with the new products. Apple is also reportedly involved in launching a HDTV product and entering in the television market to revolutionize the market.