Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

VooMote Zapper – Univeral Remote Control For iOS Devices

Another cool accessory today landed on the Apple’s Online Store with the universal access on all the iOS devices running on iOS, VooMote Zapper. It is a new universal remote control accessory for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices which is now available in the Apple Store for $69.95 and features the universal remote for all the remote control devices. The new VooMote Zapper accessory comes up with its own branded application for the iOS devices which allows you to read the IR code of other devices and to directly control them through your devices.

iPhone remote control

VooMote Zapper is a compatible with all the devices running latest iOS 5, and the size of the new accessory is about a paperclip and could be easily fitted with any device, as it fits on the dock connector of the device and doesn’t require any battery to make it work. The new VooMote Zapper also allows you to create custom remote layouts on your device with their coded application for the iOS devices, and allows you to directly control your HD TV, Blu-Ray / DVD player, etc. with it.

The VooMoteZapper comes in a variety of refreshing colors, including red, green, blue, pink, and gray. Here are the official specifications of the VooMote Zapper:


  • Easy setup wizard lets you configure the remotes for your devices within minutes
  • One Touch (Macros) starts a sequence of commands with a single button
  • Personalize your VooMote Zapper however you like it
  • Combine the buttons of multiple devices in a single view
  • Manage multiple devices in different rooms with Room Control
  • If a device is missing from the database, you can teach the VooMote Zapper using the device’s remote control
  • Use a simple finger swipe for all core functions, such as changing channels
  • Get help anytime with a simple click on the question mark at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen
  • Set up customized remotes once and use iCloud to push all that information to the rest of your iOS devices
  • Free updates coming soon, including TV Guide functionality, Facebook, and Twitter