Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Vooma iPhone Case Brings Unlock For iPhone With Jailbreak App (UpdateX1)

We have seen a lot of cases for iPhone models, and every case comes up with its special feature but anyone thinks that a kind of case can provide you unlock on your iPhone with an app on your device using hackers the most popular Cydia, I guess no! Vooma has just launched a series of the new iPhone case with backup battery, and amazingly with an unlocked SIM slot which allows users to use their iPhone in unlock status. The case works with a jailbreak-only app that emulates the iPhone’s native phone app to allow calls via the external SIM. At its core, the case unlocks any jailbroken iPhone.

The folks over TechCrunch have got their hands on the pre-release version of a case and figured out that Vooma case for the iPhone is another hit of the season, as the case exclusively comes up with an external SIM slot which allows users to use another carrier SIM. The working of the case is depended on the jailbreak status of your device, all you have to do is the jailbreak your device to get the Vooma app on your device, then you can make calls from your external SIM slot

The case allows users to use both SIM slots at the same time, as the native SIM slot provides network to the core of your device, and the external SIM slot can be accessed only through the Vooma app. The application currently only allows you to make calls, means you can’t use the external SIM for the data usage. The case seems to be a big hit for the users who are meanwhile stuck with subsidized iPhone from a domestic carrier.  Unlocking an iPhone is typically more difficult than a simple jailbreak.

Vooma has a sign-up form on its homepage to get more information on the Peel PG920, but the company has disclosed no details about pricing or availability.


Thanks to Mohamed Khaled, A fan on our Facebook Page who notified us about the availability of this case. According to him the case can be bought in Egypt and the cost is 300pounds.

So those of you are in Egypt can buy this case from there for 300 Pounds.