Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Vonage VoIP Launches “Vonage Mobile” App For iPhone With 30% Lower Call Rates

Many of you may have known to Vonage VoIP services in their real-life usage; the VoIP company has just launched a new application for the iPhone users right on the App Store while challenging the most famous VoIP service owned by Microsoft, Skype. Vonage VoIP has released an application on iPhone platform with the name of “Vonage Mobile” which allows users to make high-definition calls on their iPhones through their brand-new application of iOS. Vonage has just replaced its old iOS offering Time To call and Vonage Mobile application for Facebook.

Vonage has announced the new boosting offers to the users with the launch of new application for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Vonage has directly make a challenging offer to Skype by offering 30% lower charges on all international per-minute calling rates, as compared to biggest rival of the era Skype. The new service offers basis on the per-minute rates to the top 50 countries called.

In addition to lower call rates, Vonage Mobile also allow users to make free calls to other users running Vonage Mobile application on their smartphones, and allows them to send text messages like Skype and Viber allows. To install the Vonage Mobile app on your iPhone you not need to be a customer of Vonage services, the new Vonage Mobile features the in-App purchases for the credits. You can subscribe to their VoIP calling service by using iTunes Billing system. Moreover, Vonage Mobile is also available for Android, which means you can also remain in touch with those users who have been using Android phones as their permanent devices. Vonage Mobile is available in App Store for free of cost; you can download it for iPhone and iPod Touch.