Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

How To “View Source” Of Any Web Page On iPhone / iPad [Video]

These days, tablets are overtaking the notebook devices due to their slim and hand carrying designs with ultimate features, and no doubt Apple’s iPad is one of the best tablets, which is currently famous for its powerful features and design among the users, and many companies and individuals are getting the new iPad devices to enrich their online experience and enjoy its feature while an offline mode. However, it is reported that iPad is also contributing a large number of online traffic, and many users, including me also uses my iPad device to browse to internet. Being a blogger, and webmaster, I actually love to use it, especially when I am unable to sit in front of my workstation.

How To View Source On iPhone / iPad
Well, the iPad is not only for corporate use, kids and many other kinds of users are using it to fill up their time, and many web developers use it to make their content available on iPad devices, as they are overtaking the computer devices throughout the world. On computer browsers, many of us are used to view the source of webpage to analyze the code behind the beautiful encoded web-page, but have ever wanted to view source of a webpage on your iPad or any other iOS device? Sadly, the mobile Safari browser is not capable to bring the source code of webpage, as Apple didn’t include the feature in Safari, but no doubt, the desktop version of Safari includes this feature, but what would we do know, if we wanted to view source?

Not a big problem! You can achieve this goal, using a simple java-script trick with custom bookmark on your iPhone / iPad. With the use of custom bookmark and java-script trick, you can view source of any web page on your iPhone / iPad by simply clicking the bookmark button the specific page. The cool trick comes from, and here’s how to configure your device to get a view source of a web page:

  1. Bookmark any page on your device (or this page) on your Mobile Safari, and while bookmarking the webpage, name it “View Source”
  2. Now, head over to the real java-script code by visiting this page, and on next page select the code by tapping on code and copy the entire java script code.
  3. Once you done with java-script code, tap on the Bookmark icon at Safari browser, and then tap on “Edit”, now look for your saved earlier step 1 bookmark named “View Source”
  4. After opening the earlier saved “View Source” in editing panel, replace the URL of bookmark with the java-script code and save the bookmark, by tapping “Done”

That’s it! Now you can view source of any webpage on your Mobile Safari, using this custom bookmark. To view source of any page, simply open a webpage, and press the “View Source” bookmark button. It will automatically bring you the source code of a webpage.