Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Video Bug Found In Skype App For iPad

Skype has been ruling in the world of free calls since it’s launch. There have been no bug or either any problem identified in the Skype for any device. Well that’s the main growinfg point of Skype.

Few weeks back Skype launched it’s Skype application for Apple’s iPad. It was another hit but don’t know how, we got around a bug in the app. It’s not the first time that we came around the same bug, we have identified it a lot of time. This bug is a Video bug. It simultaneously occurs when you are having a video call.

If I call a person, even he has an iPad the call will run fine but when I add another person into the call who is holding an iPad his Front facing camera will turn on automatically and you will be able to see the other side and it’s not even the Video Call it’s a normal Call.

As you are seeing the rotating wheel, after that the video of the other user turns on. Well this bug is kinda dangerous according to us because it automatically ditches the privacy, so we can hope that Skype in an updated version of it’s next app for iPad will remove this bug rather should remove this bug.