Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Video Downloader Pro Let You Download Any Video & Play Over AirPlay

Until now, we have seen many file downloader’s for iOS devices with a lot of features but almost all of them provides the normal features to the users, on which users can download any type of video or file from the internet and can play it on their device or can share it with its computer machine. Today, another file downloader application launched in the App Store, but it seems that it comes up with some of note worthy features which might give it some uniqueness from others.

Video Downloader Pro, a new video downloader for an iPhone & iPad has just launched in the App Store, and provides you all basic features of the downloader. It allows you to download any video file on your device from the internet, as well as provides you to share it with other devices using the Web Browser in the app, along with all the normal features it allows users to play the downloaded videos on the bigger screens or on other iOS devices using the Apple’s AirPlay feature. It allows you to share your videos to bigger screen with connected Air Play supported device.  You can enjoy the AirPlay video streaming through several ways, all you have to do is little research on it.

One of the most key features of the downloader is, you can also protect your downloaded files with a key password on your device, and prevent any user to being access them, near to me this one is the most out class features. The browser as well allows you to download larger files through the browser over the 3G network without any kind of restrictions. Video Downloader Pro is available in App Store for € 1.59.