Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Viddy iPhone App Removed From App Store Due To Users Explicit Video Content

We have seen many cases in which Apple had removed applications from App Store due to violation of their rules by the developers of the application for iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device. But it seems that this case going to be the very first app removal case of iTunes App Store on which Apple has removed an application due to the users of the application. Interesting fact of the app removal case is that the application is not reported by any users due to false advertising, instead it is removed due to users who have started using the application and its service in a wrong way.

Viddy for iPhone users is said to be the first application that have been removed from App Store, because Apple got its users while filling the application with a lot of explicit adult content, and we clearly knows that Apple is not going to include any adult thing in its App Store, and already been ditched by many big titles of the market to include in the App Store. Viddy is removed from App Store due to some users who actively start capturing and uploading adult videos data on the applications public servers.


Viddy is like a video catalog like Instagram that lets you capture small videos with your device, some cool places and scenes and then allows you to upload on the application public servers to be shared online with other users. It is reported that in some recent weeks, some users actively started pushing adult videos on the application servers, and turns the application into a big trouble, and now after a week of monitoring Apple pulled down the application from the App Store.

The team behind the Viddy application is well known to the problem, and supports the Apple decision of the removal of the application from the App Store. In short, they have start working on better technology for their application that prevents users from uploading such explicit content publicly.