Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Verizon To Offer Free Personal Hotspot Feature With 4G LTE iPad

While introducing the next-generation iPad yesterday on a media event along with the feature of next generation 4G LTE technology in the device, Apple has pushed a slide stating that the device will exclusively be offering the official personal hotspot feature on the LTE data package, and as the device is scheduled to be coming firstly, on both AT&T and Verizon, everyone is just curious to know about the additional packages for the personal hotspot feature, and moreover about the brief details on the data plan packages.

Moreover, the initial data plan pricing of both Verizon and AT&T was gone live on the pre-order page of iPad last night, but the extra feature like the personal hotspot was not clearly discussed by the carriers. It is reported now that some folks over the GottaBeMobile have reached the Verizon and confirms from the Verizon that they will be offering the personal hotspot further feature for free of cost on their iPad 4G LTE data plan package.


The personal hotspot feature on the next-generation iPad with 4G LTE data plan packages will allow users to share their data plan service as a Wi-Fi network to other portable devices, and their netbooks. The personal hotspot feature is the very useful feature for those users who always found out their self in travel, and carry all of their gadgets as their duty around the world. However, it appears that Verizon becomes so kind to the new iPad users, as the Carrier Company has announced that they will also offer the same Personal Hotspot feature even on the normal 1GB data plan package with the iPad.

On the other side, it is reported that AT&T has yet to announce anything about the arrival of such hotspot featuring in their new iPad along data packages, in the meantime some users simply contacted with AT&T through Twitter and found out that the carrier is not supporting personal hotspot feature in the start, but they will announce something later.