Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Verizon iPhone4 Got No Reception Issues [Report]

hey folks it not been long since we told you that Verizon has launched iPhone4 and it got many new Features and even a new firmware which is iOS4.2.5. when you hear about iPhone4 so it reminds you about Antenna issues which was a very big flaw in iPhone4 and then Apple came up with the Bumper Case to fix the issues.

Now Verizon has also launched it’s iPhone4 and the reports say that their iPhone4 has not got any reception issues. People at Slashgear managed to get their hands on the new iPhone4 and they said that

We put our hand in the standard “death grip” location, making sure that we covered up all of the right spots, and held onto the device for up to a minute. When we started the test, the device was at four bars. It should be noted that full service is represented on the iPhone 4 with 5 bars. So, the test started with only four bars being shown. As we held the device, and we timed it at a minute, we watched as only one bar disappeared.

We then put our fingers over certain points on the device. Making sure to cover up the “new” top portion of the antenna, and we still couldn’t reproduce the “death grip” symptoms that plagued the initial launch of the iPhone 4.But it looks like Verizon’s confidence in the iPhone 4 on their network seem to be pretty sound.

This seems to be cool that the new iPhone4 by Verizon has got no Antenna issues. They did some hardware change in the iPhone4. Now lets hope this can also be Jailbroken soon.