Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Verizon iPhone4 Can Be Jailbroken in 0 Days?

We reported few hours back that Verizon’s iPhone4 iOS4.2.6 is now public and available for download and after that few hours the keys were revealed by @MuscleNerd. You must be thinking that Verizon’s iPhone4 will also PWNED. So yes you are right. Their is a possibility of Verizon’s iPhone4 to be PWNED, means it can be Jailbreaked.

According to @Musclenerd, Verizon iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.6 could be Jailbreakable with limera1n exploit. If could be so the Dev-team can release a Tethered Jailbreak on the same day of the Launch. of the Verizon’s iPhone4.

@MuscleNerd Tweets that:

If the i4 crypto engine couldn’t get those, it would have been bad sign for limera1n. But it did, so there’s still hope.
Then a person on Twitter asked@MuscleNerd that
@musclenerd deciphering key Firmware is an important step toward completion of the jailbreak of the iPhone. But what is the next step?

@damon_taylor If limera1n is still there, it means at *least* tethered JB on 0-day (and for those who buy early, forever)
If the vulnerability is found on the iOS4.2.6 so it can be Jailbreaked on the same day when the iPhone4 is launched by Verizon. Remember this is just a Possibility “IF” don’t forget this is a condition. If they found something good in it so for sure they will release a Tethered Jailbreak the same day of the launch of the iPhone4 by Verizon.
As the keys are released by @MuscleNerd so we can expect Chronic- Devteam and @Comex to work on it. Though Chronic-Dev Team will be launching Greenpois0n RC5 some day soon as told by them. But if they can hold it till 10th of Feb the day iPhone4 will be launched by Verizon so it will be good if they work on the exploit of this also and release the same time for the support for the both iOS4.2.1 and iOS4.2.6.