Fri. May 27th, 2022

Verizon Installing 4G LTE Equipment’s In Apple Stores Ahead iPad 3 Launch

Just ahead of the iPad 3 launch media event, it appears that rumor mills have something new and crazy things to reveal about the upcoming media event and the next generation exclusive device. iPad 3 is heavily rumored to be getting a 4G LTE technology on its board, and many people out there are skeptical about the adoption of earlier technology in the iOS. However, it is reported that a few hours before the media event folks found out Verizon installing its 4G LTE equipments in couple of Apple Retail Stores for the users. It seems that Verizon is readying up its network to support the next generation device launch, equipping the Apple Retail Stores with its technology.

iPad 3 4G LTE
iPad 3 is reportedly to be carrying 4G LTE technology at the moment at least for the U.S’s mainstream carriers for both AT&T and Verizon, but there are no words on the compatible with the international carrier bands compatibility with the initial adoption of the 4G LTE technology in the iPad 3. Earlier morning report claims that Verizon has been installing its 4G LTE equipments into different Apple Retail Stores over the last couple of days, and now about to complete their mark with the announcement of iPad 3.

Well, there are no more words on the 4G LTE technology debut in the iPad 3, as the source has declined to comment about the device specifications, and left out in the darkness to believe on the report. Last year, we have reported you guys about the Engadget’s report on which their source claimed that AT&T had been installing its 4G LTE technology equipments in the Apple Retail Stores ahead of the iPhone launch.

However, you can check out our live coverage of the event on this page, and can check out our expected iPad 3 specifications here.