Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Valve Releases Steam iOS App For iPhone and iPod Touch

With the start of every new day, we see hundreds of games landing on App Store for the devices, including many powerful and famous titles too in the App Store for iOS devices. In the wake of this session, the popular games network, Steam has launched a dedicated app for the iOS devices. Let me clear here, they have not launched the application for iOS devices to run their popular titles like Counter Strike on your iOS devices, instead they have cloned the idea of Microsoft’s Xbox Live companion application, which only allows you to remain in touch with your buddies on the popular iPhone, and iPad.

Steam has launched the application with an ability to browse through their online Steam network, check for buddies profile, chat and the community groups for chatting and sorting out simple issues in the games. However, many of you may quickly hit this page to get the Steam on your devices to play the games, and to check their engineering of making their applications compatible with the iOS devices.

The Steam companion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available in the App Store to download, remain in touch with us and share your experience of using the Valve Steam iOS application. The application is currently in beta phase, and according to earlier comments to the developer on the blogosphere, Steam has no plan to land their titles on iOS device with this type of applications.