Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Users: App Store Goes Offline For Them

App Store seems to be experiencing some downtimes all over the world in different regions, as we were greeted by error whileconnecting with U.S App Store. We have just walked through our social stream, and discovered. We are not the one in this game. Numbers of users are facing the same issue on their devices while connecting with Apple’s App Store from the devices. The issue appeared to be with App Store servers, or maybe Apple took them down for some maintaining at the root level.

The App Store issue appeared to be occurring with the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, and Kuwait store. The App Store outage seems not to be a small issue in the service, but still there are no words from Apple about this issue. We are having issues while saying this outage as maintaining time period, because Apple has not informed the developers about such a kind of outage, and downtime in the App Store. In addition to news, the App Store goes offline on a very odd time, around 10PM EST.

However, the issue is still present to number of users. But it is worth mention here that Apple had been facing numbers of issue with its App Store in the last few days, such as the in-app store hack by Russian hackers, and as well as implementation of new security identifier string in the service to log the devices, and the DRM issue that appeared with iOS 6 new App Store, where the upcoming application updates data goes online before the announcement and availability of application in the App Store.

Well, we hope the service will restore very soon, more likely by tomorrow morning. We will keep you updated on this issue.