Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Use Siri On iPhone 4 / iPad 2 Without Proxy Server With Sara (Jailbreak Tweak)

If still anyone of you wants Siri alternative for the old generation devices like iPhone 4, and iPad 2 without messing with any operating system and your home or business local networks to make anything working, then for surely you will like the new best alternative to Siri called Sara. We know there are already coupled of tweaks and services available in Cydia to bring Siri on your iPhone, iPad, such as Spire by the Chpwn. Spire is quite good, and works awesome if you have set up it properly but the installation of Spire on the local network is just out of mind for the simple skills having users and for those who have not ever heard the name of operating systems carrying the roots of Linux.

Many people argued around the social websites that they haven’t able to make Spire work on the local network and wants something ready to use services for their Spire installation on the device. However, here comes the Sara, after the development of months and testing it is finally available in the Cydia Store for free of cost, with aim to bring the Siri UI and much more working service on your device. Sara is available in the Cydia Store for free of cost, and it also works on iPad without playing any advanced settings on your device core. Sara is an alternative application, which adds a quick icon to your device dashboard, and allows you to run on your device with a single tap.

Sara also has the good-looking Siri user interface and much quick clean out of the interface than the Siri itself; the tweak is come up with coupled of great features and without any limitations on your device. Sara is appeared to beating Siri on the location-based services, as the Sara allows you to expand the location-based searches, and it won’t limit its services to the United States and Canada. In addition to this, Sara also has an ability to control your PC, switch couple of phone toggles, search for songs, built-in barcode reader, and even learns from its mistakes. The main and most useful feature of the Sara is you don’t need to set up any proxies to make it work on your device.


Sara The Siri Alternative

Sara is available on this repo “”, you can simply download it on your device without any hustle. Simply add this repo in your Cydia sources and search for “Sara 0.2” on your Cydia Store.