Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

HOW TO: Use Pictures As Emoticons In Facebook Chat

Emoticons have been getting famous and they have been introduced since years ago. We have been using this emoticons on but they’re now getting bore, as those old smileys have been used and now we need some change.

A new way to add emoticon in your chat or any one else’s profile picture to add some kinda fun and you can get picture off the profile as an emoticon at Facebook chat by inserting some codes which will help you to bring the emoticon in the Facebook chat. You can easily send it by the Facebook for mobile devices but you cant see them in the mobile device, they can only be seen on the Facebook for web.

As like the other emoticons, it cant be used in the Facebook statuses

Below is the method posted by them

  • Go to any profile, official Page, or event that you want to use as an emoticon.
  • Look at the URL. Find the username or profile ID at the end of the URL such as “FreaKGeeKs” from http://www.facebook.com/freakgeeks, “FreaKGeeKs”, “cocacola”, or “45197362282?
  • Place that name or number in double brackets like [[FreaKGeeKs]]
  • Enter that into a Facebook Chat or Message field. When you send it, the bracketed number or letters will appear as that person, Page, or event’s current profile picture.

They also posted some emoticons of the famous folks evolved by the peoples around

  • Badass – (Chuck Norris) [[46637413257]]
  • Eloquence – [[WilliamShakespeare1]]
  • Pirate – [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
  • President, leadership – [[barackobama]]
  • Bro – [[DJPAULYD]]
  • Male attractiveness – (Ryan Gosling) [[246631252031491]]
  • Boyishness – [[JustinBieber]]
  • Relaxation – [[BobMarley]]
  • Condescension, judgment – [[simoncowell]]
  • Adventure, auto theft – [[VinDiesel]]
  • Brilliance, controversial brilliance – [[Zuck]]
  • Loudmouth – [[theuncrunched]]
  • Greed – [[DonaldTrump]]
  • Drunk – (David Hasselhoff) [[123670240998921]]
  • Santa Claus – [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]
  • Terrible art – [[Nickelback]]
  • Winning – [[CharlieSheen]]
  • Disapproval – Fry from Futurama [[[278104690058]]20111225-230747.jpg