Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Use iPhone 4S Siri To Watch Movies On Plex Using SiriProxy

Until now, we have seen such Siri hacks that show the Siri intelligence and Apple’s revolutionary next-generation technology sense. We have seen a hacker that able to connect the Siri with his car security system and able sends out the commands from SiriProxy server to start/stop the car.  As well as, we have seen a hawk hack, which shocks the entire tech world by claiming that Siri can read user’s mind thoughts and performs the task.

With the passage of days, we have been seeing increases in the little hacks / tricks for the Siri to perform such tasks that Apple may not allow it or doesn’t think about that. Today, we have seen a hacker that able to connect its iPhone 4S Siri with SiriProxy server and able to send out the command to use Plex’s command line interface to start / stop playing movies.

It seems that it’s a similar kind of technology or raw material hacks that may represent the Steve Jobs idea for the Apple’s Display TV that may features the new Siri and navigate between the different network channels by user commands and works on the user tips. It appears that Jobs have imagined that already and was ready to introduce this kind of technology in the market.