Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Use A Cell Phone For 15 Years Without Recharging

Smart phones now a days are having a great competition. People when ever buy the smart phone they look for an easy interface to go with and the battery life. Most smart phone’s batteries depend on the software and some’s on the hardware capabilities. Now a days the hot issue of the battery drainage is of the iPhone 4S’s iOS 5.0.1, the battery drains like the water is falling down form a glass.

Well the CES 2012 is on Tuesday that is tomorrow and we know that we are going to expect a lot this time but for now which is too going to reveal is a big battery boss device has been revealed which subsequently blows your mind because the battery of it’s lies for 15 damn years… MAGIC.

This freaking device has one slot for an single AA battery and it lasts for 15 years on standby, 15 years not hours, days or months. Check the specs of it below