Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Upcoming Next-Generation iPad To Be Called iPad HD [REPORT]

We have already heard a lot of crap discussion regarding the upcoming iPad device name that is going to be launched publicly in the week on a media event in San Francisco. However, it appears that resellers and other accessories providers are still out of their minds, and wants to discuss the topic more on the slides. A new report from the Gizmodo suggests that they have received some leak screenshots from their sources present in Griffin and Belkin that suggest the upcoming device to be named as “iPad HD” instead of typical iPad 3.


Well at the moment, we are again out of our minds with a new startup of rumor series suggesting that the upcoming device will be called as iPad HD. In addition to the rumor, the report also says that they have heard many words from the upper level that calls the device as “iPad HD.” Many earlier rumors have also suggested the iPad HD name for the third-generation iPad, as the device is appeared to be getting a Retina Display that hopes to present 2048×1536 pixels on your device screen and therefore, Apple and manufactures around the world want to call it as “iPad HD”.

According to the person who leaked the information, the device with iPad HD is present in their system since the April 2011, and their system also listed the device as featuring the 2048×1536 resolution which is appeared to be a Retina Display resolution. The iPad HD term is again on the track due to some retailers, and the evidence they provided also appeared to be a bit legitimate. Let’s see what will happen earlier next week.

What do you think guys, about this iPad HD name?