Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Upcoming 1080p Apple TV Will Remain Priced At $99

Apple is rumored to be introducing a fresh model of its Apple TV series along with the iPad 3 on a media event, and the upcoming Apple TV device is rumored to be getting couple of notable features that will surely bloom its feature. Upcoming Apple TV is expected to be getting a faster processor, along with the support of playing a real HD 1080p content on the big television boxes. Apple has recently launched a section in the iTunes Store that allow content makers to provide their high definition content for the iOS devices on the Store. However, the rumor mill suggested earlier this year that the upcoming Apple TV device will come with an increase in its price tag.

3rd-Generation Apple TV

But, according to a new report from the reliable sources of 9to5mac, the device will still maintain its old price tag of $99, along with newer features. The source has confirmed the device is going to be feature the Bluetooth 4.0, and a faster processor from the Apple to be capable of playing a real 1080p HD content.

 We’ve gotten a few more tidbits about tomorrow’s Apple TV announcement (Oh, there will be a new iPad too!). The Apple TV J33 model, MD199LL/A – J33 BEST -USA, which we’ve covered before will come in at the same $99 price point (and similar prices globally). We know from previous reports that it will have updated hardware internally including Bluetooth 4.0 Broadcom chip as well as a higher powered processor capable of 1080P video.

Well, there are no confirmed words on the introduction of the upcoming Apple TV on this media event, because we believe that Apple has already a lot of things to introduce and demo on the iPad 3 media event, and the Cupertino company is also rumored to be holding a media event in the upcoming week, right after the announcement of iPad 3 publicly. The reports around the world has suggested that Apple TV is out of stock from at least 98% of US Apple Retail Stores ahead of the iPad 3 launch event, and it suggests the refreshed upcoming Apple TV model arrival.