Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Unveiling Google Drive And Its Features

Google Drive is the sure shot way to store the files on the Google servers or in “cloud”. The drive is even the latest name or acronym for Google Docs, the suite of the web based production tools, its spreadsheet, presentation application as well as the processor. Google is now rolling out slowly the latest Google Drive cloud storage for the users.

How Google Drive helps?

With this, the users can easily install the Drive on PC or Mac and start using the services through application on the tablet or Android handset. Google further has the plans for iOS application in near future. The best part about Google Drive is that the blind users can also access it using screen reader.

Google Drive indeed uses the image recognition technology so that you can simply drag and drop the images from your folders. Later, when need be, you can just search for the locations where the images were clicked and the pictures will easily show up.

Google Drive
Google Drive

A great toolkit

In case you are an avid user of the Google Documents, Google Drive will serve to be the amazing add-on to your overall tool kit. The search capabilities of the search engine giants make the finding or searching of the given messages a breeze. However as you sync Google Drive with your system or phone, you will be reminded of all the documents instantly as they begin to stream on the device.

With the help of Optical Character Recognition, the Google Drive can even recognize text in the scanned docs. This simply means that in case you have scanned in the page from some old notebook, you can easily search for the words in the doc.

Some amazing features of Google Drive include:

  •   Selecting the contacts for easy sharing
  •   Finding files which have been opened, used, edited and shared recently
  •   Choosing the text alignment in docs editor
  •   Downloading/uploading of the files to and from the Google Drive
  •   Easy and quick navigation of the folders

The latest craze

Google even touted the collaboration features in the Drive reporting that the Google Docs is there in the Google Drive as well so that one can work easily with others in actual time on the spreadsheets, presentations and documents. Also, as one selects sharing the content, one can add as well as reply to the comments on videos, files, images and PDFs and even receive details when some people post comments on the shared stuff.

Use it for your devices

In fact, Google Drive is there to sync with the mobile devices also. However you get the option to not sync it automatically each time you switch on the system or use the phone. Keeping the files synced continuously across the devices need some uploading and downloading and this can easily eat away all bandwidth limit.

Last but not least, as Google Drive all free of cost, it is surely worth using. Its features and functions may be a bit restricted as of now, but it may prove to be a sure shot alternative or solution that you may be looking forward to.