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How To Unlock iPhone From AT&T (Guide)

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 9th 2012 - 5 Comments

As reported, the AT&T has begun offering unlock to off-contract iPhone users, and the new is surely great for those who have completed their two-year contract with AT&T on an iPhone already, and now wants to move to some other carrier, or want to use their iPhone around the world with some other carrier SIM cards.  However, the process of getting an unlock from AT&T on an iPhone is pretty simple, but still some users are facing difficulties in achieving the goal. So we have decided to bring a guide on How To Unlock an iPhone from AT&T:

Unlock AT&T iPhone


  • The iPhone device must not be in a contract with AT&T, or it may have completed a contract with AT&T, or you have purchased the device at full price.
  • Your AT&T account should be in a good condition, means everything clear on their desk regarding your account. 
  • The IMEI number of iPhone device you are wishing to unlock from AT&T.

Unlock an iPhone Out Of Contract From AT&T:

  1. First of all, locate iPhone IMEI number, and make a note of it to use it later:
  2. Call AT&T or give a shot to them through online chat, if you are going to contact over a telephone, then call 1-800-331-0500, and then dial 0010 to immediately speak to a representative. 
  3. Request to unlock your iPhone, provide above-mentioned requirements of the device, means your IMEI number, and then wait for the couple of moments to receive information regarding iPhone unlock.

Once you have done with your iPhone Unlock request to AT&T, they will inform you about the unlock status, and after receiving words from them, simply restore your iPhone to complete the unlock process using iTunes. After restoring an iPhone, you will be able to use any SIM on it.

R-SIM IV Launching This Week To Unlock “4.11.08” iPhone 4 Baseband

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 31st 2012 - No Comments

Earlier this week we have reported you that R-SIM folks announced to be releasing their new fourth-generation SIM interposer soon in couple of weeks to unlock 4.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband on iOS 5. We have just got in contact with those guys once again, and come to know that they are going to release iPhone 4 “4.11.08” baseband unlock R-SIM IV in this week. The new R-SIM is coming in the market, after a very hectic competition with other SIM interposer rivals in the market. As Apple released the new “04.11.08” iPhone 4 baseband with the first public launch of iOS 5, and until now, after many months we are now finally seeing a hope to unlock our locked iPhone 4 devices on iOS 5.


unlock iphone 4 4.11.08 baseband

Apple has already seeded another iOS 5.1 with a brand-new iPhone 4 baseband update, but we have suggested users to keep away from the baseband updates if you are using locked iPhone, because the new baseband update comes with new hurdles and challenges for the baseband hackers. The new iOS 5.1 is no doubt comes up with new security over baseband chip, and as well as the hackers got hands-on iOS 5.0.1 baseband unlock, so it is useful to stay on iOS 5.0.1 and unlock your iPhone “04.11.08” baseband.

The folks over EachSupplier, the official supplier of R-SIM has just updated us over email conversation that their engineer at R-SIM lab is testing the final build of fourth-gen R-SIM with locked iPhone 4 devices, and the new SIM will shortly arrive in the market after testing it, scheduled to come in this week.

Unlock iPhone 4 “04.11.08” Baseband With 4th-Gen R-SIM

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 28th 2012 - No Comments

A quick and really update comes to us for those who have been deadly waiting for the iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband unlock, and want to quickly jump on the solution to unlock iPhone 4 “4.11.08” baseband on iOS 5. It is reported that the dev team behind the R-SIM is actually going to break the cat and mouse game with Gevey DevTeam by launching their upcoming 4th-generation SIM interposer with an exploit to unlock the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband on the iOS 5 firmware versions. It is reported that they have just discovered the exploit to unlock the 4.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband on iOS 5, and will soon release the new R-SIM in just few days, they have claimed that they will not be going to hold the exploit for many days, and will release it in upcoming a week or two.

We have already contacted the team over email to share some other insights of the SIM interposer work with us on the 4.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband unlock. The new 04.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband arrived in public with the first public launch of the iOS 5 back in the end of last year, and until now, developers have yet to unlock the 04.11.08 baseband on iPhone 4. However, the developers over the Gevey Turbo SIM lab claimed last month that they also have some hardware exploit to unlock 04.11.08 baseband in iOS 5 running on iPhone 4. But they have not yet announced anything regarding the launch of their new SIM interposer to unlock iPhone 4 “4.11.08” on iOS 5.
Unlock iPhone 4 "4.11.08" baseband
The team behind the R-SIM just announced that they were soon debuting in the market with their fourth-generation iPhone 4 Unlock SIM Interposer to unlock iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband on iOS 5. They have already partnered ship with a reseller to sell their new 4th-generation SIM interposer around the world, and we know thousands of users going to order the interposer for the iPhone 4 baseband unlock, as many users accidentally update their iPhone 4 to iOS 5 for new shinny jailbreak tweaks, and forget the real nightmare of new baseband update that locks up their iPhone again to a carrier.

A week ago, we have suggested our readers to stay on iOS 5.0.1, and not to update their devices to new iOS 5.1, as we have heard from sources in the market that there is a possible chance of “04.11.08” iOS 5 baseband unlock, but at least not for the newest “04.12.08” baseband, which comes with the new iOS 5.1. However, our report comes true, and now we have just got confirmation from the R-SIM folks that they are about to release the 04.11.08 baseband unlock for iPhone 4 users in the market.

Unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband With R-SIM IV:

Whenever the dev team launches the SIM in the market, we will review it and update you for further steps on how to get their hands on the new SIM Interposer. While on the meantime, we have just got our hands on the pre-order page of 4th-gen R-SIM, so you can order your SIM from there and get it on the launch day. The R-SIM IV is priced at $60, and the supplier of the SIM is capable of delivering the SIM all over the world, so you can easily order your package from there.

Unlock iPhone 4 (4.12.08) and iPhone 4S (2.0.10) Baseband On iOS 5.1

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 25th 2012 - No Comments

Almost two – three weeks ago, Apple released the new major iOS 5.1 update in the public during the announcement event of new iPad 3 in San Francisco. The new iOS 5.1 comes in a really surprising way, as Apple completely skipped the release of iOS 5.1 GM version to the developers and directly opted to launch the iOS 5.1 at the media event. Just like always, the iOS hackers quickly released public statements not to update the iPhone 4/ 4S & iPad 2 devices to the latest iOS 5.1 firmware version, as it expected to come up with a brand-new baseband update that for surely lock the million of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 back on the carrier cellular and users again have to use their original service provider. Despite pre-announcements from hackers, still thousands of users have updated their devices to the latest firmware version.

The users quickly jumped to the iOS 5.1 without even reading the complete informative notes from the iPhone DevTeam on which they have stated clearly that updating your device to the latest iOS 5.1 will cause you to lose your unlock status, and as well as the untethered jailbreak status on your devices. Hackers very deeply warned the users not to update their devices to iOS 5.1, as with the iOS 5, Apple blocked the Blobmonster feature, and there is no way to downgrade the newer generation devices to the older iOS versions, even with the saved SHSH blobs, and therefore, many users now stuck on the iOS 5.1 without even a jailbreak access to their devices.

Unlock iPhone 4 (4.12.01) and iPhone 4S (2.0.10) Baseband On iOS 5.1

It is reported by the developers in the community that the users around the world quickly adopt the iOS 5.1 update, and forget about all the other things. The hackers and developer’s highlights the Over-The-Air updates feature behind this update rate, as many of the users do not familiar with the OTA updates, and to clear out the banners from the iPhone / iPad screen quickly pushes the update button to sort out the issue.  So for those who are seeking to downgrade iPhone 4S / iPad 2 from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.0, there is currently no method publicly available to downgrade the later generation devices, so don’t ever waste your time in trying anything on your device.


The new iOS 5.1 firmware update brings a lot of new challenges for the iOS hackers, and as well as for the baseband hackers and the developers over the Gevey SIM & TP-SIM labs. iOS 5.1 brings a new update to both iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S baseband’s, while the first baseband of iOS 5.0 on iPhone 4 is not yet completely unlocked, and most of the users are crying due to this, but on the same side, the iPhone 4S users are enjoying the latest iOS 5.x.x updates, as the iPhone 4S all baseband’s are completely unlocked with the Gevey SIM interposer. With the iOS 5.1 update, the iPhone 4’s baseband has been updated to 04.12.01 and the iPhone 4S’ baseband updated to 2.0.10.


How To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.12.01 And iPhone 4S Baseband 2.0.10?

However, many of you have been the same question running in your minds right now, just like you, we also have the same question in our mind, but along with this question we have some points to clear out some facts regarding the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S baseband unlock on iOS 5.1.  First of all, if you have ever upgraded your device to latest iOS 5.x.x firmware version, then you will be never able to downgrade your device. In addition to this restriction, let us remind you that from the very first day, there was not the solution to downgrade the baseband of your device, and especially the iPhone baseband so if you have upgraded your device to the latest iOS 5.1 without preserving the baseband, then it means you are running out of luck at the moment. To those who are looking for 04.12.01 iPhone 4 baseband unlock, the first iOS 5.0 baseband update is not yet completely unlocked, so definitely the newest baseband updates comes up with some more security over the chip, and no-doubt it would require a lot of time to unlock the baseband on the latest iOS 5.1 firmware version.

Unlock iPhone 4S On iOS 5.1

On the other side, if you are locked on 04.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband with iOS 5.0.1, we will suggest you to stay there, as we have heard the couple of reports from the developers in the community that 04.11.08 baseband unlock is possible, and under the general testing. So it means that we can see unlock for 04.11.08 baseband unlock.

To Stay Safe With iPhone 4 Unlock:

There is a simple task to stay safe, just keep your phone away from the iTunes sync, and as well as ignore the iOS 5.1 update, because if you upgrade your device to the latest iOS 5.1, you’ll surely lose your unlock status.


Update: R-SIM announced that they are launching their fourth-gen “R-SIM” to finally unlock iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband on iOS 5.0 / 5.0.1 / 5.1 

Update On iPhone 4 “4.11.08” Baseband & iPhone 4S Unlock

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 24th 2012 - No Comments

Still facing iPhone 4 “04.11.08” Baseband Unlock Problem? – It’s been five months that Apple released the first public build of iOS 5 for the general public on the iPhone 4S announcement, and iOS 5 is appeared to be the major iOS release, as the new-generation iOS 5 comes with the number of new features, services, and of course new hurdles for the iOS Hackers and users who have been jailbreaking and unlocking their devices with the free and paid alternative methods. The new iOS 5 brings the “04.11.08” baseband for the iPhone 4 users, and as we have stated before in the couple of unlock regarding updates, the new baseband comes with extra security from Apple that prevents users and hackers from breaking the restriction and turns their devices into a simple iPod Touch.

However, before any iOS public launch, the hackers warn users not to update their devices too quickly on the latest iOS 5 firmware version, but still million of users quickly updated their devices to the latest iOS 5.0 build without even knowing the facts, and no-doubt loses their unlock and jailbreak status. However, the iOS 5 jailbreak is possible, but it appears that hackers and developers around the world are still not able to unlock the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband, despite claiming hands-on the couple of working exploits that allow you to unlock iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband. Recently, we have reported you about the confirmation from Gevey Team that they are testing the “04.11.08” baseband unlock on their labs, and working on the build to make it more stable before the public launch.

On the other side, Apple had already launched the iPhone 4S with pre-installed iOS 5, and millions of users purchased the device from different carriers on packages, but still users around there looking for unlock solutions for the iPhone 4S that allows them to put other carrier SIM cards into their devices and let them access the network. Just right after the iPhone 4S launch, we had reported you that iPhone-Dev team reports that they have an exploit to unlock the iPhone 4S on several baseband’s, but they had not announced any launch date. While on the same month, Gevey again comes to the media and announced the first ever iPhone 4S baseband unlock for these baseband’s:

Unlock 04.11.08 iPhone 4 Baseband

Standing on the same edge, Gevey again claimed that they not forgot the iPhone 4 baseband unlock users, and their team is still working on the exploit to make it more successful, but they decided to launch the iPhone 4S unlock first, as many users moved themselves to the newer iPhone 4S devices, and therefore, they believe iPhone 4 is pretty older now for the users, but still they have been working on the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband solution.

While there were only two solutions to unlock iPhone 4 baseband on the iOS, the software based and the hardware one. Discussing the software based unlock solution for an iPhone 4 baseband, we have reports that iPhone-DevTeam in collaboration with other prominent baseband hackers are working on the baseband cracks, but still they have lot of things more important the iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband unlock with UltraSn0w. As with the iOS 5, Apple blocked the major feature of the iOS jailbreaking the SHSH Blobmonster that allows hackers and users to save the SHSH blobs of the different devices, and then give access to downgrade their devices to the specific iOS version without any kind of hurdle.  However, reportedly, the whole iPhone DevTeam is currently working on the Blobmonster, and the iOS 5.x.x untethered exploits for the A5 and A5X devices, and therefore, we are not going to see any Ultrasn0w update from them targeting the new iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 baseband unlock.

The Gevey SIM interposer unlock is referred to as a hardware based iPhone 4 baseband unlock, as in this unlock solution users have to trick the iPhone baseband with a hardware SIM cloning that allow users to easily fake the carrier restrictions on their devices.

Gevey SIM Unlock For 4.11.08 iPhone 4 Baseband Is Under Testing

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 24th 2012 - No Comments

Hope we are not so late to report, but still we are here with a little quick update for the users who have been waiting for the iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband unlock from last many months. It appears that the iPhone 4 baseband unlock is under process, and the geeks on certified labs are testing the 04.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband unlock from weeks to make it more stable for the public release. It is reported that Gevey SIM team is working on the 04.11.08 from last many months, and they have successfully obtained the code to break the carrier lock on iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband.

Gevey team confirmed to their user’s couple of time on their social handles on both Facebook and Twitter, and as well as the official retailer of Gevey SIM also confirmed us that the team is working on the 04.11.08 baseband unlock, and apparently they have an exploit to crack the 04.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband. The social team of Gevey have not revealed any information regarding the ongoing 04.11.08 iPhone 4 baseband unlock, as every company has its own privacy policy regarding the upcoming products, and they are for surely not going to reveal the technology that they are using to unlock iPhone 4 baseband on iOS 5.x.x.

Unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 Baseband

Gevey has not announced or hints on any date for the release of the exploit in the public to unlock iPhone 4 04.11.08 baseband. However, they have confirmed the public that they are working on the exploit and at the moment testing the exploit with a wide range of the locked iPhone 4 baseband to make it more stable for the public release. In addition to their progress regarding iPhone 4 Baseband, our sources have just confirmed us that the company is testing the product under heavy security, and the new technology is could be only access by the lab members, means they are not even testing with the other company members.

The current released Gevey SIM in the market can easily unlock all the iPhone 4 basebands on every latest iOS version, except the most targeted 04.11.08 baseband. Gevey had recently launched a new version of their Gevey SIM interposer that could unlock iPhone 4 baseband on every latest iOS 5 version except the 04.11.08 baseband update. While, on the other hand, it is also reported that Gevey rival like TP-SIM is also working on the similar kind of technology that could bring iPhone 4 Baseband Unlock on iOS 5 basebands, except the 04.11.08. However, the current status is not going to active any more as we have noted above, the Gevey Team actually discovered the loop hole in the baseband and now testing internally for the public launch.

Meanwhile, we are suggesting you to keep away from any website that offering an iPhone 4 “04.11.08” baseband unlock, because there is no software based unlock is present in the community, and the scam websites are actually taking benefit from the non-transparent communication between the iOS hacking community and iPhone users.