Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Unlocked iPhone 4S Will Not Support CDMA Carriers (Verizon, Sprint)

Apple has already shocked the whole tech world by revealing the iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5, but Apple has not actually disappointed the world, they have tried their best to facilitate their next generation smartphone with all of the latest technology except some 1st generation technologies.

As we have heard before the announcement of the iPhone 4S from the rumor mill that the new iPhone going to be a world phone, so yesterday during the keynote Apple announces that the new iPhone 4S is the World Phone that means you don’t have to wait for the CDMA iPhone or to purchase another CDMA based iPhone, everything will be in the single device.

Unlock iPhone 4S
So just like all, after the usual announcement of the device, we have seen that couple of folks are now moving their butts to know about the unlocked iPhone 4S model, or some less techy but professional asking us and the jailbreak community about the unlock for the iPhone 4S. While watching all of the drama we have just come a crossed to an interesting mention in the release notes of iPhone 4S, where Apple announces that the unlocked version of iPhone 4S will only support the GSM model, but not the CDMA model. Apple says you can’t switch between the CDMA carriers, but you can switch your device from one GSM carrier to other one. With the launch of iPhone 4S, we think now people won’t need any unlock for their devices anymore.