Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Unlocked iPhone 4’s Will Come This Week Instead MacBook Air’s [Confirmed]

Few hours ago, we have reported about the arrival of new MacBook Air’s this Wednesday on all US Apple Stores, this news is came from the Chronic Wire twitter account, managed by the key member of Chronic Dev Team. Chronic Wire claims few minutes ago, that they got 100% confirmed news from their sources that New MacBook Air’s with Sandy Bridge processors will come on Wednesday. But now, after few hours they give an update to theirs last statement, they said that the sources had mixed up the news, there is no possibility of the arrival of New MacBook Air’s on Wednesday. Instead, Apple will bless Stores with Unlocked iPhone 4’s.


So now, instead of MacBook Air we will get Unlocked iPhone 4 on Wednesday at all United States Apple Stores. via ChronicWire