Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband by Gevey Pro Plus/Supreme [Hands On]

Finally guys we managed to get our Hands on Gevey Pro Plus /Supreme. If you Remember along ago from no where rumor erupted that a new SIM Card Interposer is coming with the name of Gevey Pro Plus/ Supreme and it is not by, well thats true Applenberry are not the people behind the SIM.

The news about the Untethered was still doubt until we didn’t got out hands on it.

The Gevey Pro Plus / Supreme were bought in bulk by one of our user known as Gautam Malhotra. Special thanks to him for making the Video for us.


The video is clear that you don’t need to dial 112 and some things are missing like baseband is not shown and the firmware, so you dont have to worry about it because the iPhone 4 is software Unlock and not Factory one.

So if you want to place an Order for this Gevey Pro Plus / Supreme in India, Just dial this Number


And order one for your self.