Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Uncensored Playboy Magazine For iPad App is Available

Back in January we got words from the PlayBoy Magazine, on which they promise they will make their uncensored content available on Apple’s iPad. On first reading we think it was a mistakenly tweeted, but later some days back we got again words that it seriously gone happen. But what happen to Apple’s strict policies? No, Apple didn’t allow them; they just create an iPad compatible website, on which you can get all the latest affairs, stories of PlayBoy.

Originally the app is scheduled to launch in March, but for some pending work it not goes live. But Hugh Hefner recently announced via Twitter that it’ll be out Thursday. Playboy for iPad is available only to subscribers at $8 per month, $60 per year and $100 for two years. You can access iPad version of PlayBoy by visiting “”