Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Ultrasn0w iPhone 4S Unlock Launch Is Very Imminent – MuscleNerd

Let me share a quick news regarding the iPhone 4S baseband unlock with ultrasn0w, last week we got news from the iPhone DevTeam key member, Musclenerd that they are working actively on the iPhone 4S unlock with ultrasn0w. This week, MuscleNerd using his official twitter account announces that they were just able to dump the iPhone 4S baseband rom, which in directly means they have been just able to unlock their iPhone 4S baseband, and now just testing within few other developers before launching it in public.

MuscleNerd has not shared any time period on which they release this unlock in the public, he just announces their little progress about the iPhone 4S unlock that they have been successfully able to dump the baseband bootrom of the iPhone 4S. Dumping baseband bootrom means its quite easy to generate unlock for the iPhone 4S with software tricks.

According to him, the software code which connects the iPhone 4S with carrier network is presents in the internal rom of the device, and can easily modify with software tricks. However, they have not announced any date to launch this exploit in the public which allows users to unlock their devices.