Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

UK Advertising Authority: iPhone Is The Thinner Smartphone, Samsung Please ShutUp

As reported by the sources that Samsung had claimed to UK Advertising Authority to give the iPhone’s “thinnest” smartphone title to its Galaxy SII, but it seems that Samsung is out of luck. The UK Advertising Standards authority has just ruled in the favor of Apple, and quietly says Samsung to ShutUp!

Apple’s iPhone is 9.3mm thick the whole way down the phone, while Samsung’s Galaxy S 2 is 8.71mm thin but has a 9.91mm ‘thick’ antenna hump. Well there are also couple of smartphones present in the market which claims to be thinner than Apple’s iPhone 4, but we don’t think that someone would claim about that. Also both companies are on the corner with releases of their new smarphone, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Note just before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, which is rumored to be debut on October 15th.