Sat. May 21st, 2022

U.K Carriers To Block Stolen iPhones In Riot Attacks Within 48Hours (Report)

These days all around the world the thing which is most targeted in stealing and riots attack are now smart cellphones. When ever any thing happens the cell phone is gone. This thing showed up in London Riots attack, when they were at large, so the Looters tool the advantage and stole thousands of iPhones in just few days.

After these iPhones were stolen, so they have to make some dirty money by selling them. Now where to sell? Obviously they will face towards the grey markets where every stolen stuff is sold. This time it seems that the gray market wont allow them to make dirty money because after 48 hours the IMEI of the stolen iPhones will be blocked by the respected carriers.

Some how macworld contacted the U.K carriers to find out what will happen to the stolen devices.

Once they have examined their stock records, store owners will be able to report the hardwired IMEI numbers for each lost handset which will result in networks adding them to their Equipment Identity Register (EIR), which will stop them working with any SIM within 24 hours.

The networks will in turn add their EIR list to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), a central database of IMEI numbers accessible by all major networks. That will turn off their use on any UK network within 48 hours.

The problem is that there are many people who got craze for iPhones and can’t afford one due to the price is high, so they look for some alternative. So these kind of people are very easy to target and the thieves can stick these iPhones to them and get their cash. The thieves will go away with the cash and the buyer will be in trouble after 48 hours.

The possibility of changing IMEI is not possible, but these iPhones are once blocked won’t work in U.K any more. So thieves might make their way abroad to sell their iPhones and other than U.K the iPhones will work.