Wed. May 25th, 2022

Two Youngsters Already In Line Waiting For The New iPad In Apple Store

Guess What? Things are already going crazy around the Apple’s retail store among the craziest fans of the Apple’s next-generation iPad. It is reported that some youngsters have started camping out the Apple’s retail store for the next-generation iPad launch, and to get their hands on the latest device, firstly. Well, this appears to be the really crazy move from the Apple’s lover, as the new iPad launch is a full week away from us, and reportedly, the guys who pre-ordered the device online will get the device first then the folks standing out the retail stores get their hands on the device, but still these two youngsters have started camping out the Apple’s Regent Street Retail Store.


It appears that these two youngsters are really going to make a crazy record of waiting for the device launch out of the retail store. Many of you may already be planning to start camping out or scheduling their task managers to get their hands firstly, on the device, but it appears that these guys had nothing to do, and that is why they have started camping out the Apple’s popular retail store, and prepared their self with the couple of layers to protect themselves from the cold nights of London, England.

You can see the both guys in the above-mentioned image taken from the SlashGear folks, as they have reported of getting an interview with these two guys. SlashGear reports that these guys have really planned the camping, and came with folding chairs to sit in front of the store and wait for the device exclusively, while this is just a start! We believe soon many other folks going to join them to get their hands on the device, as it is already reported by the Apple that the demand for the next-generation iPad is off the charts, and the device will be available in limited numbers on retail stores.