Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Twitter Rolls Out New HTML 5 Design Of Web For iPad

These days we have seen many website companies trying to modify their services and websites to run properly on Apple’s famous tablet and other tablets, we have seen Google has recently modify their website to work properly in iPad, and number of dedicated features to their web. Also we heard and seen a little part of Facebook upcoming project of providing native application of Facebook to iPad users, last week someone founds out the hidden iPad app inside the iPhone version of Facebook, which is said to be design in HTML 5, and now it is reported that twitter has also start rolling out new web interface for iPad users, which is build in HTML 5 to bring number of features to iPad users. Well mostly users use native applications, but still there are many users who uses web version of twitter to tweet their words.



Twitter just announced through their twittermobile account that they rolled out a new HTML 5 version of twitter.com to the iPad users, and they will start getting the new design in the upcoming week, recently on Twitter’s web, users only have simple web version of twitter and option for mobile version, but from now they will see a dedicated version of web for iPad viewers.

“The HTML5 app provides a great option for people who prefer to use the browser over native apps. it’s two-color view is consistent with the Twitter experience you’re used to (on Twitter.com), and it takes advantage of touch gestures and other device capabilities.”

Have you received the Twitter.com update for the iPad? Do you like it?