Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Tweetbot v2.2 Updated With iCloud Integration, New Gestures

Tweetbot, undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular Twitter client for iOS users, and we are also a very big fan of Tweetbot here on our desk. We mostly keep you updated with the latest ongoing updates and sneak peeks of App Store with our AppStore Daily posts, but for Tweetbot, we are surely going to skip the post and update you on Tweetbot’s new update. Tweetbot has been recently received a new update from its developer, and the update appears to be a fortune changing update for the Twitter client, as it comes up with a deep integration of Apple’s iCloud to make it work across the devices with one connected ID.


Tweetbot is just updated to version 2.2. The new Tweetbot 2.2 is capable of syncing user’s timelines, direct messages, and other Tweetbot settings across the different devices using the baseline of iCloud sync on iOS devices. This update is really meant for those who have numbered of iOS devices, and whenever they launch their Tweetbot device, they feel their self little messed up.


  • iCloud Integration (Must be logged into iCloud)
  • Mute filters synced across instances of Tweetbot
  • DM read status synced across all instances of Tweetbot when iCloud is selected for Sync
  • Timeline positions are synced across all instances of Tweetbot that have iCloud selected for Sync
  • Better handling of iTunes links along with thumbnail previews
  • Youtube links provide thumbnail previews
  • Fixed iPad retina image preview in the tweet detail
  • Pinch to close image view on iPad
  • Bug fixes

In Tweetbot 2.2 update; the iCloud integration in Tweetbot is one of the coolest additions of feature, which actually let users to sync its tweet marker across the devices using iCloud sync, means if you are using Tweetbot on an iPhone for reading a tweet, and then you choose to switch over another iPhone / iPad; iCloud sync will automatically bring the last position on the timeline on the new device where you were at your iPhone. There also many features included into Tweetbot with this new update, like the introduction of new gesture, which lets you to pinch to close images on your device screen, and allows the Tweetbot to handle iTunes link more carefully.