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How To Install iMovie 1.3 On iOS 5.0.1 On iPhone / iPad

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 11th 2012 - No Comments

Apple has recently released the couple of updates to its popular applications, including the demanding iMovie with new interface, features and support for the new-generation iPad. However, it appears that with the launch of new iMovie 1.3 in the App Store, Apple tries to trick the iOS users as they have made the application limited only to the iOS 5.1, because they want to force users to lose their jailbreak support and run the stock IPSW files on their iOS devices instead of custom iOS versions. Many users may already have ditched the update for the jailbreak status, but still there are lot of fans that want to get latest iMovies on their devices and upgraded their devices to the latest iOS 5.1 firmware version.

It is reported that user with iOS 5.0.1 is not allowed to download the iMovie 1.3 on their device, even they are not allowed to update their existing application on the current iOS firmware, but thanks to the iOS hackers they have simply found out a trick to resolve the issue with a little work around on the device, and then you will be able to download the latest iMovie on your device. To install iMovie 1.3 on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device while staying at iOS 5.0.1, then you have to follow and require these files at first:

  1. First of all, a device with jailbroken iOS 5.0.1 or older iOS 5.0
  2. iMovie 1.3 IPA file downloaded on iTunes through the App Store, as you can’t able to download the application directly from the iOS App Store without performing the simple hack
  3. iFile (popular iOS root explorer Cydia tweak) available for free in the Cydia Store.

Step 1: Once you’re done with the basic requirements, heads to your device and launch iFile on the device and browser to the path “/ System / Library / CoreService” in iFile.
Step 2: Now slides the page to the bottom level, and at the end, you will find a file called “SystemVersion.plist”. Once you located the file, simply tap on the file and chose “Text Viewer” from the menu to open the file on your device.

Step 3: After opening the file on your device with Text Viewer, and look for a text line carries iOS “5.0.1.” Simply edit the file and replace the iOS “5.0.1” with iOS “5.1.”

Step 4: Save the changes you have made on your device, and exit the iFile on an iPhone / iPad, and then do a complete restart of the device or at least respring of the iOS device.

Step 5: Now connect your device with iTunes, or directly approach the App Store on your device to install the iMovie 1.3 on your device.

That’s it! iMovie 1.3 will be installed on your device without any kind of issue, as well as the iTunes will never say you to upgrade your device to the iOS 5.1, as it will spoof the iTunes scanning system.

How To: Downgrade iOS 5.1 To iOS 5.0.1, 5.0, 4.3.5 On iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 10th 2012 - No Comments

Just two or more days ago, Apple has released the new iOS 5.1 publicly for the iOS devices, along with the next-generation iPad announcement on a media event. The new iOS 5.1 update to iOS devices brings a number of new security patches, and couple of new features for the users, while the new iOS 5.1 doesn’t carry any new feature for the iOS devices, but still it is worth updating for the users who don’t like to jailbreak their device. The new iOS 5.1 eventually carries a method that stops the massive battery drainage issue on your new iPhone 4S. In addition to the important feature arrival, the iPhone Dev Team also warns users not to update their device to the latest firmware version.

iPhone Dev-Team highly warns iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak users to avoid this update, as the new iOS 5.1 firmware comes up with new security patches that are not easy to crack the code on dual-core processor, and will take another long time to produce jailbreak exploit for the devices. However, the older devices are opened to try the new iOS 5.1 firmware version, as they are compatible with the limera1n exploit, and allow them to downgrade their device to any iOS platform without any hustle.

How To Downgrade iOS 5.1
However, if you are one of those users who have accidentally updated their device to newer firmware version without getting in touch with the community, there is a quick and old method for you guys that will help you in downgrading your device from iOS 5.1 to any iOS 4.3.5, 4.3.3, or any other latest iOS firmware version with the saved SHSH blobs. Well, we believe that many users actually forget to save their SHSH blobs of their device, and later found their self in trouble. So to those users, this guide is not for you! Because there is no method to downgrade the iOS device without any saved SHSH Blobs.

How To Downgrade iOS 5.1 To 5.0.1 / 5.0 With iFaith:

To downgrade your device to iOS 5.0.1, you have to download the below mentioned things first.

  1. Download the latest version of iFaith from the official website
  2. Download the iOS 5.0.1 firmware for iPhone 4 / iPad / iPod Touch from here.


Step 1:   Browse to the iFaith downloaded files, and launch the iFaith on your machine. Once you found it running on your machine, simply cook a custom build with the iFaith to downgrade your device from iOS 5.1. To cook custom iOS 5.0.1 build, press the “Build *signed* IPSW w/Blobs” button on the iFaith.

Step 2: In this step, iFaith will ask you to put the saved SHSH blobs files, and then the stock IPSW file of the iOS version you wish to downgrade your device. Once you done with providing all the files, it will start its work and generate a custom IPSW file for you on the desktop.


Step 3: Now enter DFU mode using iFaith and then simply use iTunes to restore to this custom firmware file. To restore your device with the custom iPSW file, you have to open the iTunes, and press the “Restore” button on iTunes with the combination of “CTRL + Click (Restore Button).


That’s all, your device will be downgrade to the iOS 5.0.1 without any kind of kernel panic. Sometimes iTunes cause errors in restoring the normal IPSW file, so if you ever face any kind of issue with restoring simple get in touch with us. We will help you!


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iOS 5.1 Brings “4G” LTE Indicator On AT&T iPhone 4S

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 8th 2012 - No Comments

Last year, when Apple has announced its next-generation iPhone 4S in the public without any new design changes, and the adoption of the HSPA+ network instead of 4G LTE technology. We have heard that Apple and AT&T had been working together on the secret iOS 5.0 builds that allow both companies to bring 4G LTE technology on the iPhone 4S with a simple mask changing of the 3G network icon to the 4G icon, whenever the device is available under the HSPA+ strong signals, and able to use the maximum range of HSPA+ network.


It is reported that both AT&T and Apple had been working together to update the AT&T network indicator on the AT&T iPhone 4S devices, and allow the iPhone 4S devices to read the HSPA+ signals as “4G” in the device status bar whenever the device is connected to any HSPA+ network. However, that moment we had no confirmation and any clue about the reported feature arrival but now after the official launch of iOS 5.1. We come to know that both Apple & AT&T actually working on the project that was highlighted in the past by the internal sources, and the users now are able to get the “4G” indicator on their iPhone 4S whenever they connected with a HSPA+ network from their iPhone 4S.

A user posted a simple image of its iPhone 4S showing the 4G indicator on its status bar after updating its device to the latest released iOS 5.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The above-mentioned screenshot clearly shows the indicator masking of the 4G in the iPhone 4S. Apple has today released the iOS 5.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices on the iPad 3 launch media event with some bug fixes and the support of Japanese language for Siri.

Hack Allow Developers To Get iPad 3 Retina Display iOS Emulator

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 3rd 2012 - No Comments

While the iPad 3 is highly expected to be introduced this week with special addition of Retina Display into its specifications, the developer out there in the iOS community is working hard to get their applications updated on the exact iPad 3 launch time, and they can enjoy the new iPad 3 applications download and purchases from the Apple Store. However, many big Software house has just begun their work with rough ideas, and many other individual developers are arguing on the social network sites like Twitter, to Apple on not providing any tool to check their newly redesigned applications, especially for the Retina Display environment.


There is no utility is available to iOS developers to test their applications inside the Retina Display environment, as Apple is about to hide the addition of Retina Display into iPad 3 at end time. Apple has not yet provided any tool, but it appears that the genius developers in the iOS developer community is bit active and they have coded their own small utility that allows other developers to test their applications on the iPad 3 Retina Display environment. The famous iOS jailbreak tweak developer, Ryan Petrich comes up with an idea of iPad 3 Retina Display emulator for the developers to test their applications on the Retina Display environment.

Ryan has come up with its own coded iPad 3 additional emulator files for the latest Xcode that allow developers to simply place some extra files into Xcode, and then they can test their Retina Display carrying applications on the Retina Display optimized emulator. Moreover, the another known iOS developer named Strought-on-smith, has also displayed its application running with Retina Display in the Ryan’s developed iPad 3 emulator for the Xcode.

The developers can download the Ryan’s file from there, and can place here, if they want to get iPad 3 emulator on the latest Xcode, you have to follow this path to make changes:


Crack Apple’s FairPlay DRM From iBooks With Requiem

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 25th 2012 - No Comments

It is reported that a group of developers has just bypassed the Apple’s used DRM technology in the iBook Store that prevents the iBooks to be opened in the third party devices, and the DRM restriction could be easily removed by the latest free version of the DRM restriction removal by the team of developers. Apple has been protecting the content of iBooks by signing it with their owned DRM technology that prevents the content to be opened on other devices, and therefore, users could not be able to launch any of the iBook or other stuff on any other device. However, now, with the Requiem 3.3 users can easily remove the DRM restriction from the iBooks, and can access their purchased data on other device Requiem is already famous among the users for removing the DRM restrictions from music and videos purchased from the iTunes Store, but now with the latest update users can also remove DRM from iBooks.


The group of developers behind the Requiem tool has claimed that new version of the tool can remove DRM technology called “FairPlay” from iBooks – a DRM technology that Apple uses on the stuff to protect it from stolen and played on other vendor devices than Apple’s iOS devices. Apple has been using the FairPlay DRM technology to protect the stuff it sells, and highly prevents it from being played or used for other party devices. According to the Requiem team, the new tool allows you to easily crack the e-books that you have purchased from the iBookStore, and allow the content to be played on third party devices and e-readers.

Requiem 3.3 would be really useful for you, if you have built up a huge library of books using the iBookStore, and while purchasing you have not heard about such a restriction on the content, and now you the books were useless without iOS device, because Apple has protected the date with DRM. However, now you can easily remove the restriction, and access the content on any other device like Amazon Kindle

iMod – Few Best Tweaks & Applications Of The Week

by Daudi - on Feb 13th 2012 - No Comments

When some one Jailbreaks his iDevice on any iOS and after the release of new Jailbreak and iOS, that person needs to have some cool Tweaks and Mods for his iPhone. He needs to feel like his iPhone is not a waste of money. After having Cydia on your iPhone, every one is confused that what to download and what to not, what is worth money and what is not. Will that particular Tweak be compatible with the iOS or not. When it will be updated and so on.  These are the small series of questions roaming in the users mind after he has Jailbroken his iDevice.

After seeing all above the problems and questions, we at FreakGeeks thought to come up with something new and which can help you guys with all your answers. We thought to start a new service with the name of iMod, in which we will tell you about the best Tweaks and Apps of the Week for your iDevices. We will cover tweak all around the week and will be releasing a post with the name of iMod in which we will be taking top tweaks in Cydia and Apps in the AppStore. This will be easy for you people to have a glance of the Tweaks and Apps before you buy them or install them.

Now lets start with our first edition of this Weeks top Cydia Tweaks and Apps you might want to have a look at.

Tweetbot For iPad Released

Twitter lovers the time has come to shift up and get a new experience of the new App in iTunes. Try out the new App from the AppStore called Tweetbot, which got has many new features than the original Twitter App for iPhone. Read More.

Record Calls on your iPhone With SkyRecorder

One of the famous questions asked by people around the world is that how can we record the calls on our iPhone. So the solution is finally here. Now you can record the calls with SkyRecorder. This App can record calls over Skype,Viber, and etc. Read More.

ContactPrivacy Lets You Secure Your iDevice From Malicious Apps

We download many of the Apps on daily basis and we aren’t aware of the Apps which access to our Address book without letting us know. We can only know about the location services and no information is transmitted for the contacts. So the Jailbreak world brought you a new Tweak called ContactPrivacy, which tells you when ever any App is trying to access your address book. Read More.

Alternate to SIRI Now Available-SARA

Another Tweak in Cydia was released few days back, which aims to be the replacement of SIRI launched by Apple in iPhone 4S. This tweak is same as SIRI but it works in a different way. SARA doesn’t require any proxy server to work with. Read More.

Intelli Screen X Alternative Debuts in Cydia-Bulletin

Intelli screen X is one of the most awesome and most downloaded Tweak in Cydia. Intelli Screen X is the tweak, which lets you modify the Notification Centre in iOS 5, and makes you add many new icons in the Notification centre.

The alternative to Intelli Screen X is called Bulletin, which aims to work better than Intelli Screen X and allows you to do the same things as Intelli Screen X in different ways. Read More.

SIRI Gets New Treatment of Love by SIRILovelyrics

New day and anew tweak in Cydia. SIRI the personal assistant is getting some great treatment after the Jailbreak of iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 4S was Jailbroken successfully, we came across many new tweaks for SIRI after a period of time and we will see many new tweaks with the period of time.

With this great Tweak for SIRI, we can listen to the Lyrics of a song by asking SIRI. Read More.

Unlock your iDecvice By Scanning Your Face-RecognizeMe

This is isn’t any new tweak in Cydia though it is an update to the existing Tweak called RecognizeMe. This tweak simply used to recognize your face and unlock your iDevice. It has some bugs and some glitches, which made the iDevice Unlocked by any of your Photos.

The Tweak got updated and all the issues were fixed with an update with new improvements. The Tweak is now more stable and works very well with your iDevice. Read More.