Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Tutorial: Remove apps and add spaces to Nano SpringBoard [Video Guide]

This tutorial enables you to remove apps from the 6G iPod Nano Springboard and insert blank spaces into the springboard. The iPod Nano in this running the current 1.0 firmware and is Windows formated, have not yet tested this with a Mac formated one. Its fairly basic and simple, but shows that booting with a user modded file is possible and is a nice proof of concept and is the first small ‘hack’ as such for the new iPod Nano.

Before doing this, read the iPod Nano hacking primer here .



Make sure “Enable disk use” is ticked in iTunes when the Nano is plugged in.


Go to My Computer and then into the Nano. Enable hidden folders and go into the iPod_Control, then into Device.


Make a backup of IconState.plist (save it to your desktop or something) and then proceed to open the original with Notepad or any text editor, here is what you’ll see this:


For this tutorial he removed the SBPhotos part of the corresponding string and deleted the SBAlbums and SBGenres. (Note: you aren’t actually deleting the apps, simply removing their visibility from the system).


Save this file.


SyncTug it: hold down the minus volume button and lock button at the same time and as soon as it begins to reboot (screen flashes black for a moment),  unplug the iPod cable from it.


Watch it boot and show  that the Photos and Genres app are missing and a space before the Settings app.

Its that simple and the same ‘SyncTug’ technique can be used on the iPodSettings.xml file to change stuff like wallpaper and whatnot (so far just playing, I’ve altered a few setting with it, have not looked greatly into it). Play around with it and post your findings.

If you messed it up so see here how to get it back.

Video Guide:

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